Navigata CitE Folding eBike

“Best value electric bike to hit the streets” - THE GUARDIAN

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Motor & Gear

High-Performance JIABO 30Nm 250W Motor. 7-speed SHIMANO Gear.

Twist n Go

DVSA Approved Instant Throttle Acceleration to 15.5mph.


9.6Ah 36V Hidden Removable Superior LG Battery.


Swift Magnetic Hub to Hub Folding and locking.

Wheels & Brake

Unibody Tri-Spoke 20" Magnesium Wheels. Front/Rear TEKTRO Mechanical Disc Brake.


Lightweight Aluminium Frame


Superior LG Battery


High-Performance JIABO Motor

The best-value folding electric bike to hit the streets. Fast and foldable, the new Navigata from Pedibal is a smart electric bike that takes the grind out of city cycling.

Martin Love

Pedibal Bikes’ Navigata Cite Folding e-bike is compact and functional travel solution, Arguably a folding e-bike for most applications.

Drew O’Neill

One of the top eco-friendly travel solutions, Pedibal Bikes’ Navigata Cite Folding e-bike is compact and functional, making it perfect for city living.

Sabrina Bugnath

If looks are just as important to vou as NAVIGATA CITE a bike's other attributes (and let's be honest, we all know a cyclist like that), then the eye-catching Pedibal Navigata CiTE could be the bike for you.
Joe Mulcahy's latest bike set to take cycle markets by storm.

Coreena Ford

The Navigata is a solid all-round option for commuting, and considering its price of £999, it offers excellent value compared with other options on the market.

Nick Harris-Fry

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15.5 mph

Instant throttle acceleration up to maxim 15.5mph (25km/h) for safest travel initiation. DVSA approved throttle unique to the Navigata CitE is superb for convenient travel from stationary, in stop-start commuting conditions and equally suitable for riders of all ages and abilities for instant safe riding.

Popular with motorhome, camper-van and caravan owners alike.

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Battery and Mobile Charging.

The powerful crossbar enclosed secure key locked battery, is protected from the elements and can be charged in situ or removed simply for charging (4 hours) the battery also includes a hidden USB socket for accessory connection and mobile charging.

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Sleek & Versatile Design.

The Navigata CitE aesthetically pleasing design with all attributes and ride comfort offers tremendous value for money with convenience and enjoyable ride experience and environmentally supportive mode of travel. Available in classy Brilliant White or super Stealth Black.

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Easy Fold, Easy Push, Easy Park.

No carrying as the Navigata conveniently folds in seconds to an exclusive secure hub to hub magnetic lock, which facilitates easy push to office, home, public transport, with minimal storage footprint, for secure parking or charging.

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Pedibal Navigata CitE

Ride & Controls.

Driven by powerful 250w motor, complimented with 36v battery for circa 41 miles (66km) travel at speeds up to 15.5 mph (25km/h) with a single charge Supported by renowned Shimano Seven Speed gears for terrain travel support. 20” Tri-Spoke Magnesium Kenzo Tyres and front light offers for rider assurance of event free travel. To compliment the instant acceleration throttle, the Navigate CitE enjoys Five Torque Levels which with pedal assist offers a riding experience without exertion. Rider safety is paramount and braking is controlled by Front and Rear disc brakes.


Aluminium alloy


Hub to Hub Magnetic locking


UK DVSA Approved 15.5 mphTwist and Go


36V 250W brushless integrated rear wheel hub motor


36 volt 9.6 Ah Li-ion LG - Concealed in Frame


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