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Instant Throttle Acceleration.

Approved up to Full 15.5 mph (25km/h) Throttle Acceleration.

Instant throttle acceleration up to maxim 15.5mph (25km/h) for safest travel initiation. DVSA approved throttle unique to the Navigata CitE is superb for convenient travel from stationary, in stop-start commuting conditions and equally suitable for riders of all ages and abilities for instant safe riding.

Ride & Controls.

Jason Bradbury & Pedibal

Easy Fold, Easy Push, Easy Park.

No carrying as the Navigata conveniently folds in seconds to an exclusive secure hub to hub magnetic lock, which facilitates easy push to office, home, public transport, with minimal storage footprint, for secure parking or charging.


Warm Durable Faux Leather Hand Grips and comfortable Sprung Seat.

Battery and Mobile Charging.

The powerful crossbar enclosed secure key locked battery, is protected from the elements and can be charged in situ or removed simply for charging (4 hours) the battery also includes a hidden USB socket for accessory connection and mobile charging.

LED Display.

Keep an eye on your Speed, Battery Level, Total Mileage, Time on the Road and Assist Power Level (splash protected to IP65)

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Ultra Convenient.

The Pedibal Navigata CitE is a low cost transport mode for convenient city commuting and low energy travel. Ideally suited for Park & Ride, caravanning and leisure pursuits.

Sleek & Versatile Design.


The Pedibal Navigata CitE build is sturdy safe of lightweight aluminium and steel for durability.

The Guardian

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Pedibal Owner

I have been an engineer for most of my adult life. Having worked in Aerospace and been involved in the research and development of state-of-the-art aircraft (including a few years involved with the NASA space shuttle project), I have come to love elegant and clever engineering. And it was with such eyes that I assessed our new Pedibal Navigata CitE bikes... See Trustpilot Reviews

David L