Pedibal's Cycle to Work Scheme Partners

There can be many benefits of buying via a cyclescheme, not only the personal wellbeing benefits from becoming an e-bike owner. but also financial benefits in the region of 25-42%.

However it’s important for you to understand that the Government’s Cycle to Work scheme is available via many independent schemes mainly based on bicycle hire in most cases with no automatic right to ownership at the end of the hire period, so depending on the scheme your employer is registered to its is important to understand you may not own the bike during the hire period but will be hiring the bike until such time the agreement expires where depending on the solution your employer has opted for may also require an end of scheme fee.

Pedibal Cycle Schemes Partners


At Pedibal we have selected to register with the below popular schemes:

Please click the link below to check your savings:

  • Cyclescheme cost calculator click here
  • Green Commute Incentive cost calculator click here
  • Cyclesolutions cost calculator click here
  • Vivup cost calculator click here
  • cost calculator click here


If you already hold a valid certificate/voucher with one of our registered scheme providers you wish to redeem, no need to visit our store in person just contact us and we can arrange dispatch directly to you by courier.

For further information about cycle scheme whether you are an employee or employer who feel would benefit from Please contact us at: or 020 3874 1355.

UK Cycle Scheme Explained by Pedibal Bikes