About Pedibal Bikes

With its origins in the North East of England and head office in Hounslow, Pedibal is a UK based company with a desire to provide with a truly enjoyable cycling experience, Inspired by the desire to create an e-cycle that will not only takes the strain of the journey but also perform to the riders expectations across multiple uses from a leisurely ride at the park or a short trip to the shops or perhaps a more challenging daily commute to the office with our UK designed and specification we believe by introducing innovative features at your fingertips we have ticked many boxes with a single solution.

The Genesis of Innovation

Joe's Pedibal Pioneers a New Era: The award-winning children's bike that started it all.

The beginning of a revolution. Two decades prior, Joe Mulcahy introduced the world to “Pedibal,” a children's bike that garnered immense success and received a prestigious patent. A testament to his dedication and innovation.

Crafting the Future

Navigata's Birth: Hours of passion and precision engineering culminate in a groundbreaking electric bike.

With a vision for the future, Joe took on the challenge of designing the next big thing: the "Navigata." Hours of meticulous engineering and passion went into creating this masterpiece.

Accelerating in a Post-Brexit World

DVSA Approval Triumph: A historic moment with the UK's first 15.5mph twist-and-go electric bike.

In a rapidly changing world post-Brexit, Joe collaborated with Chris under the DVSA pilot program. Their foresight and hard work made us the FIRST brand approved to have bikes running at 15.5mph twist and go in the UK. A proud milestone in our legacy.

From Dream to Reality

Pilot Production Success: The debut of 280 electric bikes marks a new chapter in consumer enthusiasm.

Dreams turned into reality when our first pilot production commenced, rolling out 280 bikes. The response? Overwhelming success!

Scaling New Heights

Investor Confidence Skyrockets: A significant upsurge in production to 1,000 units, exemplifying our promise of quality.

Investors recognised our potential, pouring in support. This backing enabled us to upscale our production to a whopping 1,000 units, each meeting the impeccable standard we promised.

Thriving Amidst Adversity

Pandemic Era Growth: Unprecedented sales surge, high-profile endorsements, and partnerships underscore our market dominance.

A challenging year for the world, but for us? Unprecedented growth. Our sales soared amidst the pandemic. Recognised by top reviewers like Jason Bradbury from the Gadget Show and our impactful partnerships with Caravan Magazine and the NHS (which integrated our bikes into their health scheme), we became a household name. Furthermore, our collaboration with Cycle Scheme underlines our commitment to a greener and healthier world.

A Legacy of Continuous Innovation

New Range Development and Strategic Alliances: Garnering acclaim and expanding market reach through pivotal partnerships.

Always innovating, we began developing a new range. Our excellence was noticed and celebrated by notable publications like the Independent Magazine, Evening Standard, and Camping and Caravan. Additionally, forging alliances with select motor and caravan shops strengthened our market presence.

Cruzia and Beyond

The Cruzia Milestone: Leading the way in the cruiser category with full UKCA certification and continued adherence to CE standards.

Breaking new grounds, we introduced the "Cruzia" in the cruiser category. Staying abreast with legislative updates, we achieved full UKCA certification while still being covered by CE. This ensures our bikes meet the highest standards of quality and safety.