Pedibal Full Throttle eBike Option Explained

Discover the Advantages of Pedibal Bikes Full Throttle eBikes

  • Enjoy a speedy, eco-conscious, and budget-friendly commuting solution during these times of escalating fuel and transportation expenses.
  • Gain superior control and augmented safety during slow-paced traffic.
  • Benefit from instant power on acceleration - invaluable at traffic signals and uphill rides.
  • Allow yourself moments of rest during travels, an especially helpful feature during sweltering weather.
  • Our eBikes promote inclusivity, offering those with movement challenges the liberty and benefits of eBiking.


UK-Legal Assurance with Pedibal Bikes

Pedibal Bikes champions the future with its pioneering role in the e-bike domain, boasting a legacy of introducing UK-legitimate, full throttle eBikes that reach speeds up to 15.5mph without the need for pedalling.

Beyond augmenting safety and low-speed control, Pedibal Bike's full throttle eBikes invite even those needing additional assistance to rediscover the joy of cycling.

The Procedure Explained

Post your Pedibal Bikes full throttle bike order, we liaise with the DVSA for your bike's testing and L1e Type Approval as a 250W LPM (250Watt Low Powered) Moped. This may take between 2 to 8 weeks as the bike requires DVSA certification at an endorsed MVSA hub. This ensures your eBike's alignment with current EAPC norms. Post testing, you receive a singular British National Type Approval Certificate linked to your bike's unique frame number - safeguard this like an MOT certificate.

Distinctively, this certificate accompanies your bike for life and demands no renewals.

Your full throttle eBike retains all standard functions including pedal assist of a standard eBike when the throttle remains inactive. Engage the throttle only when deemed necessary without impacting the default EAPC functions.

Decoding Regulations

L1e eBikes belong to the Low Powered Moped category and align with the Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycle Regulations 1983, amended by SI 2015 No. 24. To simplify, post Type Approval, our bikes can legally operate on UK roads and private lands at speeds not exceeding 15.5mph using the throttle.

Pricing Info

For UK DSVA Certified Throttle option will incorporate additional costs to cover certification test and logistic expenses to and from test centre.

Kindly Note: Full throttle doesn't elevate your eBike's power. Pedalling might still be necessary on steep terrains..

For queries, send us an email at or call Pedibal at 020 3874 1355

pedibal dvsa testing certificate