eBike Battery Explained

Battery size

Pedibal comes with a 250W motor and the battery voltage is 36V. Therefore, at its peak, every hour the bike will consume 6.94Ah of battery if the motor is running at its full power. 

Pedibal bike features 2 sizes. 8.7Ah and 9.6Ah. The 8.7Ah battery will last 1 hour and 15 minutes (8.7/6.94). The 9.6Ah battery will last 1 hour and 23 minutes (9.6/6.94). 

Battery Size Current Price Battery life per Charge at Max output
8.7Ah £999.99 1 hour 14 minutes
9.6Ah £1199.99  1 hour 23 minutes


Numbers above represents the battery life when you are riding the bike at the maximum capacity, full 15.5mph speed on the flat surface. 

Cadence Pedal Assist

However, the bike's power assumption will be different according to each of the assist levels. With cadence pedal assist, the power will be cut off according to the pre-defined cut-off speed.

When you are riding the bike with throttle only assist, the motor will consume the maximum amount of power. 

When you change the power assistance level to level 5, you will be contributing the power while riding the bike, the worse case scenario is that the motor will still consume the maximum amount of power. 

When you change the power assist to level 4 or lower, the bike will only be delivering partial assistance up to a certain pre-defined speed limit.

Presumedly you will still ride the bike at 15.5mph even the power cuts off. You will be able to achieve much longer ranges stated in the table below.

Assist Level Cut-off Speed mph(kmph) Battery Range (miles/km) £999 Battery Range (miles/km) £1199
1 8(13) 37(60) 41(66)
2 10(16) 30(49) 33(54)
3 12.5(20) 24(39) 27(43)
4 14(23) 21(34) 23(37)
5 15.5(25) 19(31) 21(34)
Full Throttle 15.5(25) up tp 19(31) up to 21(34)