Pedibal Gain First UK Pedal Assist and Throttle Certification

British electric bike specialists Pedibal have announced that they are the first UK eBike manufacture to gain both Pedal Assist & Throttle (Twist & Go) certification. Both operation options will be available on their folding model, making the NAVIGATA CitE the most versatile electric bike in the UK.

To allow this, the North-East based company has gained government Approved Certification. This allows Pedibal’s customers to commence riding with ‘Throttle’ operation which delivers instant effortless starting, exertion-free travel avoiding the need to refresh after arrival at work and with low-effort pedal assist, enjoy stress-less terrain navigation.

The NAVIGATA CitE is now equally ideal for elderly or those with movement challenges, who, or may wish to take up cycling. 

Pedibal founder explained how this can benefit commuters when saying, the accreditation for the NAVIGATA CitE, we believe, removes another barrier that stop people riding to work. He then went on explaining the benefit to employers when adding, a study by Glasgow University in 2017 showed that commuters can arrive at their place of work fresh and ready for action, with production levels believed to be increased by up to 14% as well as reduction risks against CVD and Cancer. We believe that this new development is another step towards a healthier and more productive British workforce and the 7 Speed Shimano drive train helps build fitness further when riding without motor assist.

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